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Studio Classes

Creativity thrives and imagination takes flight in our inspiring studio classes.

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See The WMS studio classes come alive in this video! Our Art, Chess, Library, Music, and Movement and Drama teachers offer a glimpse into their engaging studio curriculum, driven by our Montessori and Reggio Emilia philosophies. 


Children's curiosity and playfulness is encouraged in the Art Studio. We offer vibrant and engaging art classes for all of our children. The art studios are dynamic spaces filled with inspiring materials and thoughtfully arranged provocations. Our experienced art teachers provide guidance as the children experiment with different techniques, textures and colors. Preschoolers at WMS develop their fine motor skills, spatial awareness, and are encouraged to embrace their imagination.  

Each year, our curious artists take us on an adventure during the annual Art Show.

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Our children ages 3-5 participate in weekly chess classes via the Chess at Three program. This playful approach utilizes a unique cast of characters in fun and interactive stories to teach children the rules of the game. The students excitedly learn how to move the pieces on the chess board, while developing a love and passion for the game through storytelling. 


Library class fosters a lifelong love of reading and storytelling. We take pride in our two beautiful libraries that serve as inviting spaces for children to explore the world of literature. In the library, students learn how to properly care for books by handling them with care. We incorporate American Sign Language (ASL) into the library curriculum, which promotes a deeper understanding of language and communication amongst our young learners.

Our annual book fair creates a buzz of excitement amongst children and their families. 

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In the music studio, children embark on a musical journey. Throughout the year, they are introduced to a wide range of global music, expanding their knowledge and appreciation of many cultures and languages. Through singing and dancing, children improve their physical coordination while learning about tempo, intensity, and how to create different sounds with their voices and instruments like shakers and drums. Through this immersive musical experience, our young learners not only develop a love for music but also enhance their cognitive, emotional, and social skills along the way. 

Click here to read more about Evan, our Music Studio teacher, and his unique curriculum. 

Movement & Drama

Our Movement and Drama class is a captivating and expressive experience for our students. This class combines the joy of physical movement with the imaginative world of dramatic play. Children are encouraged to express themselves through various forms of movement, including dance and creative play. The students delve into storytelling and character exploration, developing their creativity, imagination, and communication skills. They learn to express emotions, solve problems, and work collaboratively as they bring stories and characters to life. 

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