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Rooted in research and led by experts in early childhood, our curriculum inspires a lifelong passion for learning.

Work Time

Work time is a cornerstone of our Montessori-inspired classrooms and the foundation of our day. Students collaborate in small groups, have lessons with teachers, and work independently on projects that are inspired by their interests. They are encouraged to explore the classroom materials, ask questions and notice sensory details like sounds, shapes and textures. It is a time for self-discovery where they begin to learn more about what intrigues them, hone new skills, and accomplish goals. During work time, children are given the opportunity to engage in language, sensorial, math, practical life, art, and science projects.


We start and end our days with Hello and Goodbye Meetings. These meetings serve as a time for gathering together and community building. During meetings, children share ideas, practice turn taking, and engage in active listening. Curriculum-specific content is also shared during meetings, serving as an anchor for our daily routines.

Studio Classes

Our studio classes encompass a diverse range of enriching experiences that nurture creativity, critical thinking, and self-expression. Through art, chess, library, movement and drama, and music classes, our young learners dive deeper into ideas, explore their passions, develop new skills and begin to flourish into well-rounded individuals.

Gym & Gross Motor

We understand the crucial role that physical activity plays in a child's overall growth and development. Our gym spaces are thoughtfully arranged with age-appropriate equipment, providing a safe and stimulating environment for children to explore and engage in gross motor play. Additionally, we integrate nature and sensory elements into our gross motor learning curriculum. Outdoor play and nature walks provide opportunities for children to connect with the natural world and their local community.


Snack & Lunch

Our children gather to enjoy their snacks together, engaging in conversation. During snack time, children are encouraged to open their containers independently, furthering their development of fine motor skills and coordination. Children in our full day program also enjoy lunch at school. We believe in the value of hands-on learning experiences and children often love experimenting with food. On occasion, classrooms will incorporate cooking projects, which teach young learners a myriad of practical life skills as well as contribute to their motor skill development. 


Sample Schedules

Half Day

Full Day

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