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Reintroducing WMS Hudson Street Adminsitrative Coordinator, Siobhan Goddard

Reintroducing WMS Hudson Street Adminsitrative Coordinator, Siobhan Goddard

Siobhan Goddard is the The Washington Market School Administrative Coordinator at our Hudson Street site. She joined us in the fall of 2022 and we are so grateful she is here! She is the point-person for all things Hudson Street. You can contact her at We invite you to learn a little more about Siobhan below:

1. What do you do at WMS?

I am the Administrative Coordinator here at Hudson Street. I am the point of contact  for parents, teachers and staff. I help maintain student documents and ensure that our teachers are supplied with all materials needed for their classrooms.

2. Where did you grow up? What was your childhood like?

I was born in New York but was raised in the Caribbean. My childhood consisted of beach-filled weekends in Barbados building twig crab traps with my father on occasion. Being the youngest of three, I was always elected to be the lookout person for my brothers as they climbed our neighbor’s fruit trees. I’m also pleased to report that they were caught every single time by Mrs. Maybelle! 

3. How did you end up joining the WMS community?

After graduating with an English degree, I wrote for a handful of online Media outlets. I later transitioned to a preschool and afterschool program that reminded me of how rewarding working with children can be. Whether it's Faculty or Administrators, there are so many moving parts to a village that help support the needs of our children. And now I am part of our WMS village.

4. So far, what's your favorite thing about WMS?

I love the sense of community and how supportive and collaborative we all are. It’s reassuring to know that our faculty and staff always keep our children at the forefront of planning. The WMS annual Small Works art show is something I have also found myself being blown away by. It’s such a wonderful display of talent and curious creativity by our students.  

5. What's the best memory you have from when you were in preschool?

Field Day Friday was always my favorite day at school. We were allowed to wear special uniforms of red pleated skirts, white polo shirts and sneakers. Running through the grassy meadow with little sweaty brows to the top of the hill was just the beginning. The real adventure began when we all rolled down the hill together. The first one at the bottom was crowned Jack or Jill of the hill. One day finally, I became Jill and that was also the day I boarded the plane to move back to New York City. This was such an awesome parting gift to begin a new adventure.