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WMS Art Teacher, Kate Mangold Featured in Town and Country!

WMS Art Teacher, Kate Mangold Featured in Town and Country!

Kate Mangold, The Washington Market School’s talented Art Teacher at Duane Street, was one of two artists recently featured in Town and Country Magazine. Her spotlight focused on one painting from her remarkable collection called “26 Series,” where each of the 26 paintings corresponds to one of the 26 letters of the alphabet. Each letter is inspired by architectural object forms around New York City. Her featured piece in the article showcases the letter K, which was inspired by the American Copper Building. 

Kate’s feature in the article came from having a casual conversation over dinner with a friend. As they discussed her work and the “26 Series” her friend mentioned that a peer named William Li, founder of Armature Projects, was working towards making a connection between art and design; Kate’s work is a perfect embodiment of both elements.

With an extensive and impressive education, earning her BFA in painting and drawing from School of The Art Institute of Chicago, and her MFA from Yale School of Art, Kate says she experiences a deep sense of pride and freedom in her work. While she primarily creates artwork for her own creative expression, she hopes to one day see her art on the walls of children's hospitals or museums to inspire and create wonder for the young observers. 

WMS is honored to be able to share Kate’s work outside of the Duane Street art studio with our community members and feel lucky to have a teacher whose talent and dedication to her craft are present each day in the classroom.