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Thanksgiving Bake Sale - A Deeply Rooted WMS Tradition

Thanksgiving Bake Sale - A Deeply Rooted WMS Tradition

The Washington Market School is deeply rooted in tradition. For nearly 50 years, we have honored our community through numerous celebrations and events. From the annual Street Fair to the Pumpkin Display, traditions are beautifully woven throughout the school’s history. Among these cherished traditions is the annual Thanksgiving Bake Sale, which was spearheaded by Jan Wyllie who has been a teacher at WMS since 1989.

Jan’s idea of starting a bake sale stems back to November of 1995 when she noticed how many parents enjoyed bringing homemade treats to her classroom. Since then, the Bake Sale has evolved and has taken on many forms. Initially, it was in Jan’s classroom, later moving to the outside of Hudson Street where treats were available for purchase to the entire Tribeca community. At the time, the proceeds of the Bake Sale went towards a WMS scholarship fund. Opening it up to the community allowed for more sales, and provided a unique opportunity to share a piece of WMS with our neighbors. 

As we fast forward to more than 20 years later, the Thanksgiving Bake Sale is still organized by Jan, now held in the Hudson Street gym. Its evolution is a testament to our growth as a school. As the Bake Sale has evolved, so has our community. This year, Jan plans on sending the proceeds to a homeless shelter where she hopes to help those in need for the winter ahead. 

The Washington Market School is forever grateful for the gift of sharing tradition with our learners, families, and dedicated faculty. We look forward to the yummy treats each year!