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Stardust Hair Shop - An Exploration of Hair Texture

Stardust Hair Shop - An Exploration of Hair Texture

Welcome to Stardust Hair Shop, where creativity and exploration take center stage!

Step inside Classroom GH, and you'll discover a new classroom work that invites our young learners to embark on a sensory journey through the world of hair. With a specially designed sensory wall showcasing a variety of hair textures and materials, as well as a fully equipped hair shop chair our young learners not only engage in practical life skills but also learn the importance of diversity and the power of shared experiences.

Through the use of hair tools, hair dryers, and a receptionist desk, they step into the roles of hairstylists and clients, using their imaginations and creativity. As they interact with their classmates, they are exposed to the differences and commonalities that make each individual unique.

The sensory wall is a focal point of this work. It has various textures and materials, ranging from silky strands to bouncy curls, allowing our young stylists to explore the many hair types that exist in the world. They experiment with different tools, experiencing firsthand the differences in handling straight hair versus curly hair, and the unique challenges and joys that come with each hair type.

Beyond the practical skills and sensory exploration, Stardust Hair Shop serves as a platform for meaningful social interactions. As the young learners take turns in the stylist's chair, they engage in conversations, and learn to appreciate the individuality of their peers, celebrating the uniqueness that each person brings to the experience. 

The impact of Stardust Hair Shop extends beyond the walls of Classroom GH. Our students carry their newfound knowledge and understanding of different hair types into their daily lives, fostering a spirit of acceptance and respect for all. They become ambassadors of inclusivity, promoting a society that celebrates diversity in all its forms.