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Reflections In The Duane Street Lab Room

 Reflections In The Duane Street Lab Room

The Duane Street Lab Room, a Reggio-inspired space, was recently updated with help from Kate (the Duane Street art teacher) and Evan (the music teacher). The WMS studio teachers are incorporating the theme of reflection throughout their curriculum this year, and the Lab Room’s new components focus on reflection by incorporating mirrors and reflective objects.

The room’s repurposed materials and “loose parts” encourage young learners to think creatively while simultaneously improving their fine and gross motor skills. There are materials such as multi-sized mylar bags with different weights, which are excellent tools that serve both the purpose of reflecting light and promoting motor development. Mirrors are incorporated throughout the space and help the young learners see themselves and their environment in a completely different way. Examples of this are a mirror on the ground which acts as a pond, and a convex mirror that distorts their image. Seeing themselves from a new perspective fosters self-exploration and increases awareness of themselves and others. 

Mirrors add dimension and depth to the space as well as to the children's play. As they play, they can notice and explore light, color, shapes, and even their own movements through reflective surfaces. This not only develops awareness of space but also sparks a sense of wonder and creativity. New discoveries about themselves and the environment around them can be made through viewing objects in a new light and from multiple angles. 

As our young learners immerse themselves in the Lab Room, we look forward to sharing more as they explore, learn more about themselves and how to care for their environment.