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When you donate to The Washington Market School, your contribution makes a significant impact on our children.

Make your gift to The Washington Market School 2023 Annual Fund today!

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With tuition fees being our primary source of revenue, your support ensures that our programs succeed. We deeply appreciate your contribution to enhancing our inclusive, innovative, and inspiring educational community.

The impact of your support:

Enhancing Learning Environments

Your contribution enables us to provide Montessori and Reggio learning materials, fostering an engaging and interactive educational experience for our students. These materials stimulate their curiosity, creativity, and overall development.

Advancing ABAR (Anti-Bias, Anti Racist) Education

We are committed to promoting a diverse, inclusive, and equitable community. Your donation helps to support our commitment to ABAR education, which embraces and celebrates differences while fostering respect, understanding, and empathy in all of our work.

Empowering Educators

By supporting The Washington Market School, you directly contribute to the ongoing professional development and training opportunities for our teachers. This learning empowers them to continually enhance their skills, and remain current with mission-aligned educational practices and approaches, which ultimately benefits every student in our care.

Promoting Parent Education

We understand that a child’s experience in preschool is only as positive as the fulsome partnership between their parents and caregivers and their school. Your contribution supports parent education programs and resources, providing parents with the tools and knowledge to actively engage in their child's learning journey.

Supporting Tuition Assistance

The Washington Market School welcomes children and families of all socio-economic means. Your support helps fund our robust Tuition Assistance Program for eligible families in our community.

Sponsoring Special Initiatives & Events

Your support enables us to enrich our children's learning in so many ways. This often includes cultural celebrations, excursions throughout New York City, and other meaningful experiences that bring our mission to life.

Sustaining Operations

Your generosity helps support our operating budget. These funds ensure that we maintain a safe, nurturing, and well-equipped environment, where our students can thrive academically, socially, and emotionally.

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