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The WMS Book Fair: Fall 2022

For three days, our Duane Street gym was transformed into a literary wonderland.

The 2022 WMS Book Fair was a celebration of the joy of reading and a testament to the strong sense of community within our school. Co-hosted by Merritt Bookstore, the Book Fair offered a diverse selection of books that catered to every child's interest and nurtured their love for reading. The event exemplified our spirit of community and collaboration, remind us all the of the immeasurable value of literature in shaping young learners and nurturing their immagination.

One of the highlights of the Book Fair was the presence of guest readers Artie Bennett, Jenny Williams, and Eva Chen, who brought stories to life with their engaging storytelling skills. A full schedule of virtual bedtime readings by our dedicated faculty and staff further enhanced the magical atmosphere of the Book Fair. The children had the opportunity to enjoy bedtime stories read aloud by Head of School, Carrie Kries and our school librarian, Susan Bertram among others.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all who shopped, supported, and contributed to making the Book Fair such a special event. The list of Book Fair volunteers is extensive and represents a true testament to the collective effort put forth to ensure its success. Individuals such as Anne Allen, Allyson Blauvelt, Dheli Brandeis, Dave Ford, Rebecca Heller, Marc Hubert, Dylan Izen, Pingping Jin, Jin Kim, Kristin Kumar, Rakesh Kumar, Bridget LaCroix Lecky, Kate Lee, Michelle Liu, Rebecca Migirov, Katie Milich, Roxanne Oriel, Kristen Pak Hubert, Angie Pappalardo, Thomas Park, Brian Renzi, Jess Right, Katy Robbins, Seena Sbitany, Alexandra Scheibe, Henry Terepka, Erica Tsai, Melisa Tucker, Sarah Yanes, and Young Yun, among many others, deserve a special mention for their selfless contributions.

This year’s Book Fair was a resounding success, leaving a lasting impression on our children, families, and educators alike.