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Small Works 32 

Reviewed by Carrie Kries, Head of School

I have been an educator for over thirty years and as such, I have hung my fair share of children’s artwork on bulletin boards. I have also wandered through my own children’s school art shows over the years, where I most certainly felt great joy and pride seeing their wonderful creativity on display. But never have I ever felt the swell of emotions in those previous experiences as I did on Wednesday when I strolled through "Small Works 32," The Washington Market School's 32nd annual Art Show. 

Each and every image, written word, and creation showcased at the event embodied the boundless joy and inquisitiveness of our children, as well as the dedication of their educators. This exhibition offered a glimpse into the unique and exceptional process of teaching and learning that defines The Washington Market School.

What truly stood out was the distinctiveness of each classroom's installation, tailored to the interests of their respective students. Many exhibits allowed attendees to actively engage with the learning process. This not only provided them with individualized experiences but also granted them an intimate understanding of our young learners' thoughtful and imaginative endeavors. From original musical performances and a child-sized representation of the solar system to personality-inspired silhouettes, custom spices and sauces, vibrant depictions of emotions, drums and materials exploration, clay investigations, captivating storytelling, environment-conscious loose parts creations, a sculpture-filled world, and a captivating exploration of maps and islands—every corner of the lower level of our Hudson Street site was completely transformed. From my perhaps biased perspective, it rivaled the most esteemed art galleries in our city.

Over the course of three days, children from WMS, along with alumni, siblings, extended families, faculty and staff, and educators from across New York City, wandered through each exhibit with wide-eyed wonder, unadulterated delight, and an overwhelming sense of pride. I must admit that I shared in their excitement as I explored the marvelous displays alongside them.


Take a video tour of Small Works 32!