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Lucy and Felix Lumpkin: Class of 2019

Lucy and Felix Lumpkin: Class of 2019

Community is a theme that often arises when WMS alumni reflect on their time here in their early childhood years. Felix and Lucy, class of 2019, now fourth graders at PS 234, shared that The Washington Market School community is still very much a part of their lives today. Many of their current classmates are also fellow alumni and it brings a sense of comfort and familiarity to see them in the hallways and on the playground of PS 234. Their connectedness to WMS, however, goes beyond seeing their old classmates at school.

As older siblings to a current WMS learner, Felix and Lucy frequently find themselves back at their old stomping ground, engaging in conversation with their previous teachers and revisiting the familiar spaces. Felix has joined his brother’s classroom at Hudson Street to read stories during meeting time, which he says is a special chance to show the young learners that one day, they too can come back to WMS and engage with the children sitting where they used to. 

During his visits, Felix has observed how the furniture seems so small and is reminded of what it’s like to be a student at Hudson Street. A favorite memory of his is racing around the Hudson Street gym with friends and using the rock climbing wall. Meanwhile, Lucy's fondest memories trace back to an art project designed in the WMS art studio. She made a bunny out of cardboard and a stick, a creation that still holds a special place in her heart, and her home, embodying the celebration of creativity within our community. 

While Felix and Lucy both had separate experiences, one shared memory from Hudson Street lunchtime is when Ronnie would act as the infamous “Lunch Monster” who would try to eat the children’s lunch before they did. A playful way to get them to eat before rest time. 

For Lucy and Felix, The Washington Market School remains an integral part of their lives today and is where many memories were made during their formative years. Being a part of a community that continues to influence them, even as they flourish in new environments, is a special testament to the WMS family.