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Mizuo Peck: Class of 1982

Mizuo Peck: Class of 1982

When Mizuo Peck, class of 1982, heard her daughter come home from The Washington Market School singing, “This Land is Your Land,” she was instantly transported back to her own time at WMS as a student. Memories of singing with her classmates sitting in a circle, and feeling a strong sense of community, left a profound impact on her as both a parent and a student of The Washington Market School. 

Born and raised in Tribeca, Mizuo has witnessed the neighborhood’s evolution from a quiet artists’ community, to a bustling area of the city. However, the sense of community in the Tribeca has never wavered, and she attributes this to The Washington Market School's commitment to preserving the unique history of this neighborhood. As one of the early students at WMS in 1982, and later becoming a parent at the school, Mizuo has truly observed the evolution of WMS in conjunction with the Tribeca neighborhood. She has maintained close relationships with classmates from her time at WMS, and they enjoy reminiscing about the neighborhood's charm in the 1980s. 

Growing up surrounded by artists, Mizuo became an artist herself. She became a professional actor at 18, and has since worked in various aspects of the film, TV, and the theater industry. During the pandemic, when in-person work was restricted, she began recording audiobooks for Simon and Schuster.

As a mother, Mizuo felt incredibly lucky to send her daughter to WMS where so many of her own passions and curiosities began. It was during her time as a parent at The Washington Market School, that she realized the profound impact her early childhood education had on her life. Being actively involved in her daughter's education allowed her to relive the cherished memories she created here four decades ago. One particularly special memory for Mizuo is the traditional WMS Winter Sing, where she remembers feeling a strong sense of community as they all sang while sitting on the floor together. 

After re-experiencing the school in adulthood, Mizuo credits her self-motivation, independence, and curiosity for life to her education at WMS. She acknowledges the empowering nature of the child-led learning environment, which has helped her and her daughter grow into confident, strong women.