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Jane Augustine: Class of 1989

Jane Augustine: Class of 1989

Jane Augustine, class of 1989, recently discovered an old t-shirt from her time at The Washington Market School and it brought back many fond memories from her preschool days. Jane grew up in Tribeca when it was considered an artist community and felt that  WMS was the glue that held the neighborhood together. Even after she graduated and was attending Friends Seminary, she still felt that strong sense of being a part of something uniquely special when she walked by WMS during arrival and dismissal.

As an adult, it is often hard to pinpoint one moment in time that has molded us into who we are, and Jane believes that all of her experiences thus far have shaped her and the choices she has made. One of those choices was to send her daughter to a Montessori and Reggio-Emilia inspired preschool, much like WMS. Jane recalls feeling safe, loved, and a sense of excitement as a student here, and she wanted the same experiences for her daughter during such a formative time in her life. 

Along with feeling as though she was able to thrive, and was trusted to do so, Jane remembers how perfectly tiny and miniature the furniture was. The works on the shelves were always within reach and she was proud of the independence this provided her. Though the materials in her prepared environment fit her perfectly, she remembers the opposite about the gym downstairs. The stairs felt giant and it was an exciting adventure each time she entered the vast space. Reading Where the Wild Things Are with her teachers and classmates always brought joy.   

The Washington Market School instilled a sense of confidence in Jane and even as a young learner, she knew that she was set up to thrive, and was respected as an individual. Her curiosity for other cultures and the arts was always encouraged, and it led Jane to live in France as an adult for a total of eight years. Now, working in the wine business, Jane carries this instilled confidence with her in both her professional and personal life.