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Our Story

A home away from home for nearly 50 years.

Tribeca's first preschool.

In 1976, when Tribeca was still called Washington Market, founder Ronnie Moskowitz held our school's first class in her loft apartment. This small class laid the foundation for nearly five decades of nurturing young minds.

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Early childhood education lays the foundation for how our young children will engage in the world around them. 

OUR Mission

Our entire staff is passionate about early childhood learning and deeply committed to our school's mission.


Our school buildings are thoughtfully designed to encourage children's independent exploration.


As a preschool, we are often the very first formal setting for both children and parents alike to find a community of friends.

Parent Community

The Washington Market School made this big city our small town. I am constantly in awe and continually impressed by the school's level of thoughtfulness, attention to detail, and care toward its children, families and community.
WMS Parent

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