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Faculty Ongoing Learning 2023

In March of 2023, three groups of our dedicated faculty attended three different professional development conferences: The American Montessori Society Conference in Boston, The North American Reggio Emilia Alliance Winter Conference in Toronto, and the Boulder Journey School in Colorado. Immersed in powerful conversations and workshops, our faculty gained valuable insights from each conference and returned to school inspired to share their learnings with their colleagues and children. 

After the American Montessori Society conference, Carrie Kries reflected on the powerful keynote delivered by Dr. Susan David about fostering our young learners' emotional agility. WMS teacher, Nicole, was struck by the concept of viewing one’s teaching practice as a “moving meditation” by being mindful of body language, caring for the environment, and being intentional when modeling for children. 

At the North American Reggio Emilia Alliance conference and the Boulder Journey School, our WMS team members were reminded of the significance of documentation and how exploration fosters meaningful discovery and learning in our students. We are so grateful for these professional development opportunities which enable us to grow alongside our learners!